SeaGreen Recycling is a new waste recycling project at the Port of Ushuaia, Argentina, operated by Sealand Ship Agents & Suppliers.

During the 2017-18 summer season, ships calling into the Port of Ushuaia offloaded approximately 557 cubic meters of recyclable materials; plastic, cardboard, glass and metal.

Beginning in the 2018-19 season, participating cruise ship operators will be allocated one or more 10 cubic meter containers, placed alongside the vessel at port calls to collect recyclable materials; cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and glass.

These containers will be transported to the SeaGreen Recycling yard, where the items will be separated by material, compacted and packed for shipping. At the end of the summer season, recyclable materials will be transported to Buenos Aires by truck for processing ( a truck per material).

Pooling the recyclable materials will share/reduce the freight costs between Ushuaia and Buenos Aires.

(Minimum three trucks, one per recycling material, fees to be shared between the pool of clients participating of the recycling program).

Environmental Conservation Donation

Once the recycled materials arrive in Buenos Aires, the treatment center will issue a proportional reimbursement to SeaGreen based on the amount of kilograms recycled, along with a detailed chart of the materials processed. This chart will be sent to all participating clients and the reimbursement will be donated in full to a local NGO in support of environmental stewardship.